Blueberry Corn Muffins

blueberry corn muffins2

  We’ve been on a bit of a blueberry binge here at Casa de Larson. Our 8 month old can’t get enough of them so I try to have them constantly on hand. At the rare times we have enough to put in muffins, I whip up this recipe for blueberry corn muffins. Corn flour [...]

Throwback Thursday: Peach & Mascarpone Bruschetta

peach and mascarpone bruschetta5

  Eliza Domestica has been running for over five years now and with a stock pile of recipes and crafts that sometimes get lost in the archives. This new series, Throwback Thursday, highlights some of my favorite posts from over the years. This week I’m savoring the last bits of Summer flavor with my Peach [...]

Strawberry Coconut Popsicles

strawberry coconut popsicles 1

I wanted to make these strawberry coconut popsicles as one last hurrah to Summer as it begins to wind down. They were inspired by a fresh fruit smoothie I loved to get at La Boqueria, in Barcelona. It’s a place and city we hold tightly to so many sweet memories. These popsicles taste like those [...]

Chocolate Banana Bread

chocolate banana bread

This is a spin on my favorite banana bread recipe. I love finding new ways of turning a classic banana bread into something a little bit more exciting. I recently posted a delicious Strawberry Banana bread recipe on Mash Your Heart Out that was a hit. This chocolate version was inspired from my son Oliver’s [...]

The Perfect Bloody Mary

the perfect bloody mary2

When I was in college, Bloody Mary’s were a favorite weekend treat my best friend and I would enjoy. We’d gossip and giggle over boys and life while we sipped our spicy, extra green olive cocktails.  Some Sundays we’d even go to brunch where they had a build-your-own-bloody-mary bar. It pretty much was as awesome [...]

Raspberry Vanilla Chia Jam

raspberry vanilla bean chia jam 3

  I remember when I was a kid, I so badly wanted a Chia Pet. We were poor, so owning this novelty never happened. I would have never imagined that chia would come back in an edible form years later. I will admit, I was skeptical about eating chia seeds at first. A friend of [...]

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