Amaretto Roasted Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream

amaretto roasted peaches with vanilla ice cream1

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for fresh fruit. I love all the berries it produces and I’m obsessed with its stone fruit, especially peaches. Before the season is over I made up a list of everything I wanted to make. Boozy roasted peaches was the first up. Next, I’m thinking peach pancakes, Popsicle’s, [...]

Taco Enchilada Casserole

taco enchilada casserole

There’s a special ingredient in this Taco Enchilada Casserole that may be a little unexpected – sweet potatoes. I use them in all sorts of different dishes, and lately I’ve been putting them in my taco meat. I used them for these sweet potato tacos, taco salad, and now, inside this enchilada casserole. With everything [...]

Easy Cake Decorating

marks bday cake 2014

I’ve always been big on birthday cakes for family and friends. I used to bake a cake for every friend on their special day, during my college years. I never really decorated it, just did a fancy swooshing number with the frosting to make it look extra special. Now, as a wife and mother of [...]

Asian Chicken Noodle Salad

asian chicken noodle salad

  Sorry for the lateness on this post. I’m still working on my time management for blogging and just day-to-day busy life with two littles. I think I’ve had a mound of clean laundry in my bedroom for a couple of weeks. Once I start to put clothes away, more laundry piles on top of [...]

Strawberry & Lemon Curd Hand Pie

strawberry and lemon curd hand pies 2

  Every couple of months we’ll go through our freezer and get overwhelmed by how much untouched-in-a-long-time food is in there. As we wonder why we’ve never used it up, we immediately get inspired to map out meals for the week using food we already have in our kitchen. These little hand pies were a [...]

Chili Verde

green chili pork 2

Being a busy family of four, we are all about quick-prep meals for the week. This chili verde is our favorite go-to meal that requires less than five minutes of prep time and delivers a knock out dish that lasts for the entire week. We use our slow cooker for most of our stewed meats, [...]

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