Pumpkin Pecan Cream Cheese

pumpkin pecan cream cheese

I knew this was coming, it was inevitable. My brain goes straight to pumpkin EVERYTHING at the beginning of Fall, and then I start to spiral downward. Don’t be surprised if you get spammed with only pumpkin recipes for the next couple of months. I’ll try my darndest to spread them out. But when things [...]

Apple Mule

apple mule

TGIF!! After making my new favorite infused gin, it got me excited to try other infusions with fresh fruits and herbs. Because it’s apple season, and because it’s Friday, and because of my new infusing obsession, this Apple Mule was born. I infused bourbon with fresh chopped apples in a mason jar. After a couple [...]

Throwback Thursday: Rosemary Olive Oil & Honey Challah Bread

rosemary honey challah

I thought this TBT post was fitting for any of you celebrating Rosh Hashanah…or if you just love a nice yeasted bread like I do. Challah bread is at the top of my list of favorite breads to make and eat. I have fond memories ripping off warm elastic-y knots of Challah bread at my [...]

Beer Brats

Beer Cooked Brautwursts

Sausage is Mark’s love language. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true. So when I suggested we have a German-style dinner in lieu of going to the Octoberfest festival this year, he was doing the happy dance, borderline twerk. He even volunteered to make the entire dinner (that never happens). He lovingly cooked Bratwursts [...]

DIY Headboard

DIY headboard

  I made this headboard for my guest room bed over a year ago and still love it. Even though it has been a while, I wanted to still post this for all of you brave DIY souls out there trying to spruce up a boring bed. The total cost for all of the supplies was [...]

Cucumber-Infused Gin & Tonic

cucumber infused gin and tonic

Friday evenings have inadvertently become a tradition where we make fancy-pancy cocktails to kick off the weekend. We’ve been collecting different mixers and spirits to up our mixology game over the Summer and I cannot wait to test out some Fall inspired drinks in the next coming weeks. Gin and tonics are my go-to drink [...]

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