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Homemade Spoon & Board Butter

I had never heard the term “Spoon butter” or “Board butter” until a couple of months ago. I had always treated my wood cutting boards and spoons with an oil, but didn’t make the connection until recently. Spoon & board butter, also known as “Spoon oil”  is a great alternative to treating your wood utensils […]

Homemade Chapstick, Two Ways

  One of my dearest friends from the West Coast came to visit us with her husband this weekend. We shopped, we baked, we laughed, we cried, then laughed some more. And then we made chapstick. Life couldn’t be sweeter than having a friend you can do all of this with. It’s good for the […]

DIY Natural Home Fragrance

I love this. It’s one of those things you want simmering in the background after a night of baking fish for dinner. It cleanses the air, if you will. Or when you change your cat litter box. Or your baby’s dirty diaper. Its just nice to have something pleasant to smell once in a while, […]

Lavender Honey Lip Balm

Homemade lip balm is so easy and fun to make. It makes great gifts, too.

Four Simple Tips to Help Keep Homemade Cosmetics Safe

Four simple tips to help keep homemade cosmetics safe.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

This brown sugar body scrub is incredibly easy to make and most importantly gives you the pampering you deserve.

Orange Ginger Bath Soak

Simple household ingredients make up this fragrant and delightful bath soak that will help you forget your worries from the day.

Organic Salt and Sugar Scrubs

I made these organic scrubs as gifts for my family and friends. This is a great way to make unique gifts for Christmas that everyone can enjoy.

All-natural Sugar Lip Scrub

Directions on how to make your own all-natural lip scrub. Scrubs are great for exfoliating and shuffling off all of those dead skin cells to reveal a healthier layer of skin.

Sea Salt Body Scrub

To rejuvenate damaged skin from the summertime sun, I like to exfoliate with an all-natural scrub. Using olive oil and sea salt with a few drops of lavender essential oil, we can create a soothing, stress-reducing body scrub. I prefer lavender oil for it’s relaxing qualities and pleasant aroma. Directions Combine 1/2 cup olive oil, […]