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Pomegranate Berry Prosecco

A great drink to start off the New Year right.


Coquito is a Puerto Rican holiday drink that is reminiscent of traditional egg nog.

Autumn’s Natural Décor

Autumn’s Natural Décor, right in your backyard.

Halloween Baby Shower

Halloween baby shower, revisited!

Rosemary Gin Fizzy

The best holiday drink you can make at home.

Customized Holiday Cards

Customized holiday cards make for an extra special mailer.

Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Inexpensive ways to make your Thanksgiving table stunning.

Thanksgiving Holiday Crackers

Holiday crackers are traditionally given closer to Christmas time, but I thought they make such a sweet gesture for guests to open for Thanksgiving, too. Especially if they’re decorated in Fall colors, like browns and oranges.

Metallic Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Paint your cornucopia in a metallic shade to make your Thanksgiving Day banquet festive.

Halloween Cyclops Cake Pops

Easy Halloween cyclops cake pops are a fun for the whole family to make, and eat!