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A List of Links I Love

  This was a fun list to put together. If you guys enjoy this list, I’ll work on making it a regular thing. 1. I am always looking for new Fall decorating inspiration. These gilded mini pumpkins, from Cupcakes and Cashmere are so pretty. 2. My friend Meredith over at Life, in a Nutshell has […]

Dress Up The Season: Before & After Bedroom Makeover

After our house renovation this past summer some of our old rooms got put on the back burner. One major room that got neglected and used for storage more than an actual room was Mark’s old office which is now a guest room (cough…junk collector). It needed a little TLC. I’ve already been a big […]

DIY Natural Home Fragrance

I love this. It’s one of those things you want simmering in the background after a night of baking fish for dinner. It cleanses the air, if you will. Or when you change your cat litter box. Or your baby’s dirty diaper. Its just nice to have something pleasant to smell once in a while, […]

Heart Tea Bags

Something simple and sweet can go a long way in my book. A surprise heart dangling from your tea bag can be all it takes to make an afternoon tea break extra special.

Valentine’s Day Yarn Wreath

A fun way to use up leftover yarn – make a Valentine’s Day yarn wreath.

Pom Pom Bows

These soft pom pom bows are a nice and simple change from the usual shiny metallic bows.

DIY Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass rings are a great gift for wine lovers.

Favorites List #3 AND an Anthropologie Gift Card Giveaway! – Winner Announced

Favorites List #3 AND an Anthropologie gift card giveaway!

Holiday Snow Jars

Adorable holiday settings using household items.

DIY “Where The Wild Things Are” Magnets

Easy DIY picture magnets.