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Oreo Peppermint Bark

  I’m sure everyone at this point is at the tale-end of Christmas mayhem, with last minute gift shopping, wrapping and baking. Or at least I am. Yesterday I made batches of homemade marshmallows and gingerbread men to box and send off as gifts. Earlier this week, it was batches of this goodness. This one […]

Muddy Buddies

There was a time growing up that Muddy Buddies® snacks were always around for Christmas. My aunt made them every year and it’s a flavor that instantly takes me back to my childhood. There came a point, not sure if it’s once all the kids turned into teenagers, that Muddy Buddies® disappeared from holiday functions. […]

Pumpkin Pie Cookies

This recipe is from my friend, Heather, over at Heather Likes Food. I remember my mouth drooling over these last year when she first posted them. I made plans to make them, but it never happened. I was not going to make that mistake again this year. I’m sure some of you already know, I’m […]

3 Ingredient Thin Mints

  There’s been a recipe for homemade thin mints that has piqued my interest for a while, but never to the point of actually making them. They’re kind of  fussy and that makes me want to put them off. I’ll eventually tackle that homemade thin mint recipe some day, but in the meantime, this recipe […]

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes (i.e Boozy Cupcakes!)

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes are boozy cupcakes with chocolate Guinness stout cake, Irish whiskey ganache filling and Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting. Adult cupcakes that are insanely good.

Chocolate Crepes

Chocolate crepes are incredibly easy to make. Great on their own or with a simple filling.

Cow Pie Cookies (No-Bake!)

Cow pie cookies are an easy no-bake cookie made from peanut butter, cocoa powder and oatmeal.

Chocolate-Gingerbread Cookies

These ginger cookies are similar to a ginger snap, but with chocolate.

Labor Day Recipe Ideas

Sorry for the short notice, this should have been posted a few days ago, but in lieu of posting a new recipe, and since we’re spending our Labor Day weekend picnicking and row-boating on Lake Patagonia – I decided to compile a list of great barbecue style recipes that I would make if I were […]

One-bowl Chocolate Cake Recipe

One-bowl chocolate cake is a simple name for such a decadent, rich, chocolate cake made with buttermilk and a not so common cake ingredient, olive oil.