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Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies

Wow, it’s already December! Last week was a blur. Our entire house got sick with a cold but somehow we managed to still host a 17- plus person Thanksgiving without a hitch. Well, maybe there were a couple of hitches, let’s be honest, but everyone left full and with two platefuls of leftovers each to […]

Sweet Potato Pie

As much as I love the flavor of pumpkin in my coffee, cookies, empanadas, granola, crepes,…the list is endless until I pump the breaks to a skidded stop once we get to pumpkin pie. I’m sorry, if you’ve been reading Eliza Domestica for a while, you’ll know that pumpkin pie and I just don’t jive […]

Mini Gingersnap Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches

  The past few months I’ve been making a concerted effort to use up stuff in our kitchen before buying more. Not only have we saved money, but it’s also been fun making us think outside the box for using up leftovers and making new dishes with them (Insert these yummy ice cream cookie sandwiches). […]

Strawberry & Lemon Curd Hand Pie

  Every couple of months we’ll go through our freezer and get overwhelmed by how much untouched-in-a-long-time food is in there. As we wonder why we’ve never used it up, we immediately get inspired to map out meals for the week using food we already have in our kitchen. These little hand pies were a […]

Lemon Poppy Seed Cocoroons

  My BFF is in town this week while Mark is off on a business trip. We’ve done a lot so far.  Finished a 5k, went to my niece’s baptism, had laughing-fits from stories from our college days, finished more bottles of wine than I would like to admit, baked, cooked, and made time to […]

Valentine’s Day Treats & Crafts List

February is here and I’m still in denial. We have a fresh two week old baby and a two and a half year old toddler in our house – time, days, hours, minutes, have all been a blur. Our plans for Valentine’s Day will most likely be at home, with our little family. I thought […]

Oreo Peppermint Bark

  I’m sure everyone at this point is at the tale-end of Christmas mayhem, with last minute gift shopping, wrapping and baking. Or at least I am. Yesterday I made batches of homemade marshmallows and gingerbread men to box and send off as gifts. Earlier this week, it was batches of this goodness. This one […]

Vanilla Bean Pear Crumble

My first attempt at making this was an almost complete fail. Let me back up a little and explain. Everything was going perfectly in the beginning, the crumble was just right and the pears ripe to perfection. Once in the oven you could smell the sweet aroma throughout the house.  It smelled so good I […]

Caramel Apple Popcorn

  I’ve been thinking about making this caramel apple popcorn for the better part of Fall. Now to have finally made it, I’m happy that it came out tasting exactly the way I’d hoped it would. Better, actually. Fair warning:  this stuff is ridiculously addictive. I used this unbelievable caramel popcorn recipe as the base and […]

Pumpkin Pie Cookies

This recipe is from my friend, Heather, over at Heather Likes Food. I remember my mouth drooling over these last year when she first posted them. I made plans to make them, but it never happened. I was not going to make that mistake again this year. I’m sure some of you already know, I’m […]