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Pesto Hedgehog Sweet Potatoes

I’ve always loved the idea of making hedgehog potatoes, also known as hasselback potatoes. The thought of making them was always tucked away in the back of my mind, along with a thousand other recipes floating alongside it. It wasn’t until my good friend, Kelsey, made me a sweet potato version for dinner back in […]

Asian Chicken Noodle Salad

  Sorry for the lateness on this post. I’m still working on my time management for blogging and just day-to-day busy life with two littles. I think I’ve had a mound of clean laundry in my bedroom for a couple of weeks. Once I start to put clothes away, more laundry piles on top of […]

Strawberry Spinach Salad

The stores have been bursting with fresh berries and I can’t handle it. That’s why I’ve been eating them in my breakfast, for snacks, in the occasional cocktail (berry bramble post coming soooon!), and in this salad. I paired this strawberry spinach salad with creaminess from avocado, crunch from lightly toasted pecans and a nice […]

Chunky Avocado Salsa

  We’re getting ready for our second annual pre-Easter egg hunt brunch this Sunday and also for my in-laws visit to meet our little Henry, who will be 3 months next week (what!!??!!). This avocado salsa, along with my new obsession, plantain chips, has been our go-to snack all week long. Hey, no double dipping!!! […]

Chicken Tetrazzini with Broccoli and Cauliflower

  My sister and I started a tradition called “Sister Sundays.” It’s where we get together with our little offspring and spend one day of the week together, on Sundays. It’s something we truly look forward to. Our kids get to play with their cousins, and my sister and I can catch up on, ‘seester’ […]

Sweet Potato Tacos

  We’ve been home for week with our new little bundle of joy, Henry. Maybe this is too soon to say, but the second time around doesn’t feel as hard of an adjustment. Sleep deprivation is a little bit more manageable. Working off of a new eating/pooping/sleeping schedule doesn’t feel as stressful. Guess you can […]

Asparagus & Prosciutto Flat Bread Pizza

Our house has been filled to the gills with fresh asparagus. I’ve been pickling them, sauteing them, baking them and now topping pizza with them. I might have a slight addiction. I made a flat bread pizza because I like my pizza as thin and crispy as possible. The flat bread I used was the […]

Green Minestrone

  Our house has been absolutely pitiful. Pitiful for the past few days with a nasty stomach bug, starting with our little guy first, then creeping its way to me, then the hubsters. Knocking us down, one. by. one. It’s one of those sicknesses you feel that you’ll never re-coop from, but you do, and […]

Cucumber Pickles & Pickled Vegetables

I’m knee deep making everything I can get my hands on from scratch. I am constantly amazed at how easy things are made when you actually look into how they are made. Right now I have two huge jars full of whole pickled cucumbers, cucumber spears and a variety of vegetables. And there’s exactly one […]

Zesty Chicken Tortilla Soup

Zesty Chicken Tortilla Soup warms the soul.