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Fresh Cantaloupe Sorbet Recipe

This chilled fruity treat is the freshest tasting sorbet imaginable, and perfect for a hot and sunny day. I only used three ingredients, cantaloupe, Triple sec, and agave nectar.

Ginger Beef Soba Noodle Soup Recipe

Fresh ginger and garlic spice up in this mouthwatering beef broth Soba noodle soup recipe.

Toasted Almond Green Bean Recipe

I just came back from the 17th Street Farmer’s Market with a bundle of fresh long green beans. I like my green veggies to have a crisp snap to them, so I lightly sauteed these green beans for about 2-3 minutes.

All Natural Energy Bars Recipe

I added a sprinkle of chocolate chips to pair with the variety of nuts, and dried fruit to give it the chewy factor: golden raisins, currants, and dried apples.

Roasted Butternut Squash and Purple Potatoes Recipe

I had some little purple potatoes lying around and thought they would make a beautiful combo with my butternut squash. I added a bunch of garlic, a dash of fresh sage, a pinch of rosemary, and I was on my way.

Fresh Green Tea to Help Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is here, and that means it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I decided to post a breast cancer awareness tip. It has been known that green tea holds properties, called polyphenols, that can ward off cancer by blocking free radicals in the body. I like to mix up my morning routine sometimes, […]

Heirloom Tomato Salad Recipe

Heirloom tomatoes are absolutely beautiful. They come in various sizes, colors, and shapes, which makes them fun to work with. I’ve seen heirloom tomatoes in green, orange, yellow, and even a muted purple color. Despite their funkiness, they are truly delicious. I found some baby heirloom tomatoes and instantly thought of this salad combo. With […]

Apple Country Time

I had the pleasure of going on a road trip to the beautiful town of Sebastopol recently, which is also known as the “Apple Country” of California. Since apples are in season this time of the year, it was the perfect opportunity to get some great tasting apples. Fall season is known for apples in […]

Freshly Dried Herbs

Fresh herbs are the way to go in almost all recipes, but having dried herbs on hand makes for a nice backup plan. Drying your own herbs is a simple process.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe

The combination of peanut butter, chocolate and banana mixed with some protein powder will give you enough energy and nutrients to get your day started.