Color Blocking Pumpkins

pumpkin color blocking 3

I get so giddy when this time of year comes around because it means I get to decorate my house as much as I want to, playing off of old decorations and making new ones. I bought a few foam pumpkins on clearance last year and at first wanted to decoupage them, but decided to do some color blocking with acrylic paint instead. I love the fact that pumpkins can be used for Thanksgiving decoration even after Halloween has past – which is what I plan on doing here. I’ve been into metallics, A LOT and this champagne-silver paint had my heart pitter-pattering.

pumpkin color blocking

You can use fake pumpkins, real pumpkins, large or small. pumpkin color blocking 1

I used washi tape to make a line for my paint. I would normally use Painter’s tape here, but I’m all out. pumpkin color blocking 2

Use a paintbrush or foam brush to paint on a few layers of acrylic paint. Remove tape before it is completely dry to make sure no pockets of paint got under the tape. If some did, use a wet paper towel to carefully rub it off.


One or more pumpkins, real or fake

Painter’s tape, or washi tape that you don’t mind using

Acrylic paint in color of choice. I used a champagne metallic color.

Paint brush

Wrap tape around pumpkin as evenly as possible and as high or low as you want. I put mine pretty close to the middle point. Squirt a small amount of paint onto a paper plate, or piece of scrap paper. Start painting side of pumpkin you would like color blocked. Paint downward strokes against the tape line. Painting upwards may force little pools of unwanted paint under the tape, creating an uneven paint line.

Pumpkin will most likely need a couple of coats to reach optimal opaque color.

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