Easy Cake Decorating

marks bday cake 2014

I’ve always been big on birthday cakes for family and friends. I used to bake a cake for every friend on their special day, during my college years. I never really decorated it, just did a fancy swooshing number with the frosting to make it look extra special. Now, as a wife and mother of two littles, I’ve been more into decorating the cake, than actually baking it. I’ve been ordering birthday cakes pre-made lately, with a blank canvas (besides this “Smashcake I baked for O’s first birthday) and decorating it with fun ideas I’ve come up with. It helps on saving time for party prepping and planning, on my end. My cake baking days are not over, but it’s nice sometimes to have it already done for you.

Some of my new favorite go-to cake decorating toppings are, wait for it…gum balls. I love the texture and playful look it gives to a regular cake. Mark recently had a birthday and I ordered him a banana cake with cream cheese frosting from a local bakery, Sugar Sweet. The cake is insanely good and now baking a banana cake from scratch is on my to-do list for this year. I topped it with rainbow-ball sprinkles and picked through the gumballs for green and blue ones to go with the color scheme I was aiming for.

marks bday cake 2014

I found a cute paper birthday wheel at Target in the birthday supply section and right away knew I wanted to use it as the main cake topper. I taped the back of it to a wooden skewer and placed it in the middle of the cake.

It was perfect.

birthday cake decorating

marks bday cake with ollie 2014

It came out so perfect once it was all decorated. This little man couldn’t keep his fingers from getting a swipe of frosting.;)

easy cake decorating

Kelsey and Kim's wedding post 550-6

Adding flowers on a pre-made cake is always a beautiful and easy way to decorate with a special touch. This cake was for my friend Kelsey, for her outdoors wedding in Northern California.

Easy DIY wedding cake

This one, for my sister’s wedding.

olivers 2nd birthday cake edited

Ollie’s 2nd birthday cake last year, when using gumballs first popped in my head. Sixlets chocolate candy is also a great alternative to using gumballs. They come in a variety of great colors, too.

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    Those are simply beautiful, thank you.

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    Thank you, Debra!

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