Easy Halloween Rag Garland

Halloween rag garland

October is just zipping by and I’m kind of freaking out that Halloween is almost a week away. Somehow I managed to squeeze in a couple of birthday parties with my family, a mini girls vacation (with baby) to DC, a pumpkin patch festival and a few new Halloween-centric crafts. This rag garland is incredibly easy to make and requires minimal brain power. I have proof too, since I was able to make this garland while watching Homeland and Walking Dead with Mark last Sunday. My kind of craft right there. ;)

Halloween rag garland2

You will need some clothesline cord and 3 to 6 different fabrics (solid and a couple of small print patterned fabric).Halloween rag garland3


Tear fabric width-wise in 1 1/2 or 2 inch strips. Tie strips to the cord in a single knot. Halloween rag garland4 Halloween rag garland5

Pull the knot tight. Fabric knot will still move easily down the cord. Halloween rag garland1

Alternate colors and fabric knots down the cord, scrunching them tightly for a full garland. Make as long as you need it. Add sparkly ribbon in between knots if you’d like.

I can see myself going a little too crazy with this garland and make a Christmas version wrapped around my tree — but that might be taking it too far…



Choose 3 to 6 different solid and/or patterned fabrics in a 1/4 yard.

*Optional: Festive ribbon

Clothesline cord


Tear 2 inch strips going width-wise on your quarter of a yard cut fabric. Strips should measure about 8 to 9 inches long. Tie a single knot tightly around clothesline cord and alternate colors of fabric so they are evenly spread out. Scrunch fabric knots close together to get a dense rag garland look.

If you want to, you can add sparkly or festive ribbon to your tied fabric knots.

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