Christmas Paper Garland

paper garland

My sister is a crafting fool when it comes to making something festive to decorate her house with. She amazes me all of the time with the stuff she comes up with. When I saw that she made a paper garland look like this, I had to find out how in the world she did it. Let me tell you, this paper garland is even more stunning in person. And putting it together is something you can easily do while watching Vanderpump Rules, or, um, the news.

I’m even tempted to make a special one for Henry’s first birthday next month (!!).

paper garland

You’ll want quite a few pieces of card stock or scrapbooking paper (sturdier paper works best). Each scrapbooking size paper is close to about two paper balls. I love the look of solid mixed with pattern print.

paper garland 3

Punch out circles with large hold puncher. paper garland 5

Fold each circle neatly in half. Using double-sided tape or a hot glue gun, stick folded ends together, making sure the lines match up. Repeat onto the next half, keeping stack folded until you’ve glued or taped on 16 folded circles onto each other.

paper garland 6

Then fan it out and close the circle shut with hot glue or tape. paper garland 7

You will have a hole in the middle for threading a string through. paper garland 4

Use an embroidery needle to thread twine or string through hole of each paper ball. Keep going until you’ve reached the desired length of garland.


paper garland

To end it, use an unfolded paper circle and punch a small hole in the middle, thread string or twine through and tie a looped knot. Leaving a loop at the end will come in handy when hanging it up.


Materials Needed

String or twine, 5 to 6 feet long, or to desired length
Adhesive agent (hot glue or double sided tape)
1 1/2 inch to 2 inch in diameter craft hole puncher
Scrapbooking (cardstock paper) paper with desired design/pattern



Punch out circles using a hole puncher. Each ball takes 16 circles to make. Fold circles in half with the design or pattern facing in. Make sure that you fold the shapes so that the pattern is showing as you’d like (stripes are all going in the same direction, Santa’s are all standing the same way, etc). Next stack the 16 folded shapes in the desired pattern that you’d like. If alternating patterns make the stacks according to the pattern. Some I alternated red/green patterns others I used alternating patterns of the same colors. Have fun with it. Start with the first folded circle. Place adhesive on half of the backside of the shape and press the back of the next shape to the adhesive. Keep the cirlces folded and add adhesive to the back of the side and connect the next piece. Repeat this step for the remaining pieces. Once you get to the last piece, fan out into the ball shape and connect the last back pieces together to form a ball. There will be a small hole in the center of the ball. Thread the twine (thread twine or string using a large embroidery needle) through the hole and string the balls on the twine making the garland. Once you have added all of the balls, next step is to punch a hole in the center of a circle (unfolded/flat) and string it as an end piece. Make a loop with the remainder of the twine and make a double knot.

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  • Posted December 10, 2014 at 9:50 AM | Permalink

    This is adorable! I think I can handle this while watching some christmas movies :)

  • Posted December 14, 2014 at 8:34 PM | Permalink

    Yes!! It’s so simple.

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