Ring Pillows for your Wedding

Why buy a store bought ring pillow for your wedding when you can make it yourself with your own personalized touch! The ring pillow I created incorporated three generations of marriages in my family. I used material from my Grandmother’s wedding dress, my Aunt’s wedding dress, and some extra lace from my wedding dress. Just a little vintage fabric was all I needed to make an extra-special ring pillow for my wedding day.


Ring pillow

What you need

  • A needle, some thread, and determination (or a sewing machine)
  • Choose a fabric for your pillow that matches your wedding color theme
  • Beads, ribbon, buttons – get creative with what you want to put on your ring pillow
  • Pillow stuffing


  1. Measure and cut your fabric into a square (I used 8″ by 8″). Sew fabric pieces inside out all around the edges, leaving 1-2 inches unstitched.
  2. Through the 1-2 inch opening, pull the inside out (this will ensure the unsightly seams are on the inside of the pillow).
  3. Stuff with pillow stuffing until it is nice and taut, then finish sewing the remaining seams.
  4. Now you should have a perfect tiny pillow ready for decorating.
  5. Sew on a button or bead in the center along with the ribbon underneath it (the ribbon is used to fasten the rings to the pillow).

This ring pillow gave my wedding the extra personal touch I was looking for, and will be a keepsake that I treasure forever. You can’t buy that at a store!

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