Simple Paper Bows

paper bows

You know when you’re about to wrap a present and cut a hunk of wrapping paper off the roll only to end up having a ton of scrap paper once the gift is all wrapped up?  Yeah, I hate when that happens.  It feels so wasteful and I usually end up throwing it away unless I can find a small stocking stuffer to use it up on. Until now.  These Simple Paper Bows are incredibly easy to make and leave your present almost too beautiful to unwrap.

It is so easy, even a kid could do it. I promise, so please don’t feel intimidated to give it a try!


paper bows 1

Thicker wrapping paper gives these bows more of a sturdier structure that I just love. You can also use scrapbooking paper for these too.

paper bows 3

Use a paper cutter to measure and cut out 6 strips.

paper bows 4 paper bows 5

Fold each strip in half. paper bows 6

Then take one strip and pull one corner inward, forming a pointy tip at the end. Use double-sided tape (or a hot glue gun) to make it stick. paper bows 7

Then do the same to the other end of the strip of paper.

paper bows 8

Repeat with all of the strips of paper.  Lay the longest down first onto a flat working surface.  Then lay second longest across perpendicular from the first, using a strip of double sided tape or hot-glue to secure it down.  Keep repeating until a bow begins to form.  Take the smallest strip and forma loop and secure it with tape.  Then tape or hot-glue the loop into the middle of the bow, to finish it off. paper bows 9

paper bows 10

You can add a string to the back to tie onto presents or double sided tape to tape bows on to presents.

simple paper bows

Simple paper bows

This doesn’t even have to end once the holidays are over – these bow making skills can carry you through birthdays, baby showers, etc.  They make beautiful show stopper bows that will take any ho-hum present to drool worthy.


Scissors and a ruler  (or a paper-cutting board)
Adhesive (double-sided tape or hot glue works the best).
6 inches of thin twine or ribbon
12 x 12 of wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, newspaper etc. (sturdier paper gives these bows nicer structure, FYI)

Cut three strips of the 2 inches wide x 12 inches long (2″x 12″).

Cut three strips 2″x 11″ inches.

Then cut one 2″x 3″ inch strip for the center.

Starting with the longest strips, fold strips in half, with paper pattern facing out.  Unfold paper and take one end (blank side of paper facing you) corner and twist towards the center fold making a crisp point (See pictures above).  Place a piece of double-sided tape (or hot glue) to hold it together. Repeat instructions to the opposite side of the strip.

Repeat to remaining strips of paper, except for the 2″ x 3″ strip, form that into a loop and secure with adhesive.

To construct the bow, start with one of the longest pieces and glue your ribbon or twine in the center of the strip.  Make sure that the ribbon is evenly centered so there is equal lengths on each side of the bow.  Next add another piece of tape or glue and place another piece of the bow perpendicular onto the base, making a cross shape. Take the third strip at an angle and glue down. Continue to stagger the strips in a criss-cross pattern, going from longest pieces and ending with the shortest pieces. Then glue the cylinder paper loop into the center.


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