Thanksgiving Holiday Crackers

Holiday Crackers are an old time English favorite that are typically placed on Christmas Day dinner plates. They’re also called Christmas Poppers, but I decided to celebrate with them at my potluck-style Thanksgiving dinner this year – so we’re sticking with the name Holiday Crackers.

Every year I see these tantalizing little presents in stores, and every year I tell myself I’m going to buy some just to see what’s inside.

This year, I decided to make my own.

Crackers are typically constructed out of empty toilet paper rolls – but anything with the word “toilet” I feel shouldn’t be at the kitchen table. It just sounds kind of gross. Instead, I used empty kitchen paper towel rolls and empty wrapping paper rolls and cut them into 3 inch tubes. They worked out perfectly.

Traditionally these little crackers are filled with paper crowns, jokes, small toys, and small pieces of candy. I happened to be lucky enough to get an offer from Lindor Truffles to use their chocolates during the holidays. It wasn’t a far stretch to try to find a way to use them. It was actually a perfect match since it happened to be the one chocolate that gets stuffed into Mark’s stocking every year from his Mom. So accepting the free sample bag of chocolate was easy, and welcomed! Plus, who wouldn’t want to crack open one of these puppies and be surprised with yummy chocolate!?

And! I just thought of this — wouldn’t it be cool if your boyfriend had a diamond ring in one of these? For all of you girls out their waiting for your man to give you a ring, give him a nudge onto this idea. That would be such a cool and memorable way to get engaged.

For the crackers/poppers, I made some for Thanksgiving and then a couple of variations for Christmas. This is the kind of thing everybody would enjoy to pop open. I’ll post more fun variations for Christmas soon.

I wanted to make these Thanksgiving Holiday Crackers neutral and elegant, with a vibrant splash of orange as an accent. I used recycled brown tissue paper, ribbon, and decorative scrap-booking paper that tied in the look beautifully.

I think making Holiday Crackers will be a yearly tradition in my home from now on:)


To start off, you’ll need some double-sided tape, tissue paper, decorative print wrapping paper (or decorative scrap- booking paper), crackers, empty wrapping paper rolls or paper towel rolls, or you can buy them in bulk from the same place the crackers are sold. You’ll also need scissors, ribbon, confetti or ribbon for curling, and most importantly, treats to fill your Holiday Crackers with.


Cut tissue paper for the paper tube. Tape and roll tissue paper until the tube is completely covered. Insert the cracker stick and make sure the tissue paper is long enough at the ends so the cracker stick does not show. Tie one end with ribbon, and stuff the other end with candy, toys or jokes, and confetti (or sans confetti, if you don’t want the mess). Then tie the other end of the holiday cracker with ribbon.

Cut some decorative paper to wrap around the tissue covered holiday cracker. Cut it to about 2 inches wide and long enough to wrap around the paper roll, making sure the seams are on the bottom.


Place your Holiday Crackers on each guest’s dinner plate, or in a pretty basket for guests to pick from.


“Nothing tastes quite like the Lindor Truffle. Created only by Lindt’s master chocoletiers, it’s exquisite chocolate filled with its smooth chocolate center. When the irresistible center starts to melt…so will you. Smooth. Flowing. Luscious. Chocolate like no other”.
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Lindt via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Lindt.

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    Really pretty! And yes, I’m totally with you on “toilet” rolls at the table. Or filled with anything you might eat…ew :)

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