Cozy Coozy

cozy coozy

Crocheting is one of the crafty arts that can be tricky at first, but very rewarding once mastered.  There are many styles that can be learned, but I think that double-crochet is one of the easier methods to learn for a beginner.  This DIY mug cozy coozy can be made by all skill levels.  It just might take a little more time (45 minutes for beginner – 15 to 20 minutes for intermediate), but it’s a great gift to make for your girlfriends to protect their hands from getting too warm holding their cup of hot chocolate (or hot toddy).

cozy coozy

I wanted to try to make an instructional video for this one because it’s helpful to see crocheting in motion, however the quality of the video wasn’t that great (we’re working on fine tuning our video making skills so we can post some in 2015).  But here is a great YouTube tutorial that I like to help get you started.



Crochet hook (Size H)
Large embroidery needle




Make a foundation chain of 10 links. Skip two links and start the double crochet.  Make 8 double crochet links across to the end.  Once  you get to the end make two single chain links, and turn around and start the double crochet 8 links again.  Keep crocheting until you’ve reached about 18 rows.  That should work for a glass or paper mug.

Once you have completed the coozy, thread the embroidery needle with the yarn and place the button on one end of the coozy.  Sew the button making sure to double knot the yarn and tuck in any loose ends.

For the hook, measure about three inches of yarn and cut three pieces.  Braid the three pieces of yarn in a simple braid and tie off both ends.  Take the braid and loop each side through the corners of the other end (opposite the button).

Trim any excess fringe or loose ends.

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