DIY Autumn Flower Bouquet

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I love having fresh flowers in my house. It instantly brightens my day and puts a smile on my face. I find something really therapeutic about removing leaves, trimming stems and arranging floral bouquets (is that weird?), to the point where I’ve day dreamed about opening up a little flower shop, just so I can make pretty things, all day long.

But for now, I’ll just settle on making floral arrangements at home and for friends and family.

Use a skewer to pierce a mini pumpkin.

fall flower bouquet 4

I wanted to have an autumn themed bouquet and gravitated towards burnt red, yellow and green as my color palate.

flower vase

I used a glass vase I painted with gold stripes using painter’s tape and gold spray paint. Any neutral color vase will be great for this (Gold acrylic paint using a foam or paint brush works great too, especially for touch-ups).

fall flower bouquet 5

To de-stem excess leaves, run fingers down the stem going against the growth of the leaves. fall flower bouquet 6


fall flower bouquet 8

Trim flowers by measuring the stem about an inch higher than the length of the vase. Use that flower length as a guide for trimming the rest of your flowers.

I like to keep the flowers only a few inches from the opening of a vase – it makes for a tighter arrangement.

fall flower bouquet 2

I bought a mini white pumpkin and stabbed a skewer halfway through it to have as a festive embellishment in the bouquet.

fall flower bouquet1

Arrange flowers evenly in vase that is filled halfway with water. Once your done arranging the flowers to your liking, insert pumpkin on a stick. fall flower bouquet


Trim flowers by measuring one about an inch higher than the length of the vase.


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