DIY Geometric Candle Holders

Geometric Candle Holders

I found these simple wood candle holders at Crate & Barrel for just under $5 each.  Instantly I knew they would make a perfect project jazzed up with a little metallic paint for our Thanksgiving table setting this year. I love to host parties and especially love to make the decorations around the main event that fit the look and feel of the day. Warm pumpkin oranges and metallic colors will set the tone for this holiday.

After Thanksgiving is over with, I plan on using white candles sticks to take me all the way through Christmas and New Year’s. I love when I can use an item for more than one holiday – BAM! Did I mention these would also make a fab gift for the holidays?

Geometric Candle Holders 2

geometric candle holders1

I used washi tape here, only because I had it handy, plus it is a smaller width (you can use Painter’s tape but will have cut it in half so spaces are not so far apart for making the geometric shapes).


When wrapping tape around the candle holder make sure to seal it tight to prevent any air bubbles along the edge allowing paint to seep in, messing up your lines. You definitely do not want that. geometric candle holder

For a geometric design, run tape diagonal in shorter pieces, connecting broken lines. Try to avoid straight lines going horizontal or vertical. Paint each opening a different color. I went with silver, rose gold, yellow gold and a champagne silver. Or if you’re not using metallic, pick 3 to 4 of your favorite colors to use.

Allow paint to semi-dry before peeling tape off. If paint seeped under the tape, use a damp paper towel to carefully rub off paint along the line. Geometric Candle Holders 1


Wood candle holders

Washi tape

Acrylic paint in 3 to 4 different colors

Paint brush or foam brush

For color blocking candle holders, wrap tape horizontally across the middle, pressing finger across the edges to make sure it is nicely sealed with no air pockets. Paint either the top or bottom, whatever your preference, with acrylic paint. Allow first coat to dry before applying second coat. May need up to three coats of paint. Remove tape. If paint seeped through, use a damp paper towel to gently rub off paint that may have seeped though.

For making geometric shapes, run tape diagonally, avoiding any straight line horizontally or vertically. Make diagonal lines short and connect them with other pieces of tape going in another direction, until you have as many geometric shapes you would like (see above picture for example). Paint each exposed opening a different color, trying to keep neighboring shapes different colors and not the same. Allow paint to dry before painting on second coat.



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  • Posted March 25, 2015 at 9:04 AM | Permalink

    Adding a geometric design looks so easy, and so cute! This is also perfect for any holiday, as you can choose whatever colors you want. I think I’ll make a bunch of these for Christmas, and then hand them out at my family party as gifts.

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