DIY “Where The Wild Things Are” Magnets

I made these as thank-you-favors for guests at Oliver’s first birthday party. They were my favorite part of the party because you can enjoy them year round. Who doesn’t use/love magnets?

I imagine this being cute with any picture or theme, as long as it fits on the back of the glass bead, it’s open for creativity.

Download the free “Where the Wild Things Are” template from here. Cut out images. Trim the corners to better fit the glass beads.

Glue image to the flat side of the glass bead pressing firmly to avoid air pockets. Allow glue to dry, face-up, for 30 minutes to an hour.

Once dry, place a small dot of epoxy glue to the back of a magnet and press it onto the back of the bead. Allow epoxy glue to dry according to package. Most need a full 24 hours to cure.


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