Old Postcards Repurposed into Framed Art on Your Wall

For the past couple of years I’ve been collecting unique and interesting postcards from our travels. I have a few of them framed, hanging on various walls in our house. They blend in well with our other pictures, but also add a touch of uniqueness to our home. Some are quirky and silly, and others I framed just because I loved the composition and choice of colors in them.

This is a postcard I picked up in Paris a couple years ago. I loved the elephant and deep blues, red and yellow in it. Never mind the French cigarette advertising going on, it’s still neat to look at:)

Then there are meaningful postcards hanging up, like an old vintage postcard from Stow Lake, in San Francisco. Stow Lake was where we went for our “neighborhood” walks, when we lived in the city. It’s also the place where we went right before Mark proposed to me five years ago. And it’s the place we make a point to walk around every time we visit family and friends in the Bay Area. It’s a sweet portrait, in a post card, and means something big to us. I found it at an antique shop a couple of years back on our drive to Austin to visit our friends, Ben and Gina. It’s a little damaged, with a corner piece missing — You know paper is old, when it bends, it breaks…I’m guessing it’s from the 1940’s or 1950’s, judging by the style of clothing the people are wearing in it. I’ve been wanting to repair it, but then I almost like the worn patina look it has going on.

In my cupboard I have a small stash of old postcards, some framed, some not. They’re just waiting to be put to use.

I hope this inspires you to make framed art out of something re-purposed, like a postcard.


On our Stow Lake stroll.


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