Pom Pom Bows

If you knew my sister, you would know gift wrapping is one of her FAVORITE things in the world. Her favorite part of gift wrapping?  Making bows.

Do you wanna know my least favorite part about gift wrapping?  Making bows. I’ll have to admit, some (most) of the presents under my tree are sad and bow-less. But since my sister came over last week and taught me these little soft and sweet pom pom bows, I’m now a lover of bow making. Well, pom pom bow making. I love the sweet charm these little poofs give to each and every present.

I can definitely see this bow decorating more than just Christmas gifts. It’s a definite Fall/Winter style of a bow, that’s for sure. These will definitely be gracing the tops of gifts for my January and February birthday peeps!

What you’ll need:

Yarn, in your color of choice.


Begin by winding the yarn around your hand 80-100 times, or more. Yes, maybe more, depending on your pom pom “tightness.” The more yarn you use, the tighter the pom pom, the less yarn you use, the looser the pom pom. I’d say my pom poms are somewhere in the middle.

pull the yarn off your hand and cut a piece (about 6 inches) of yarn long enough to tie tightly across the middle of your loops.

Secure a nice and tight double-knot.

Using a pair of scissors, snip the loops on both ends.

Fluff and trim any longer strands of yarn.

My sister insists it looks better with multiple strands of yarn wrapped around the present before placing the pom pom on top.

Pretty on Birthday gifts too.




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