Fabric Lined Envelopes & Cards

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I made these fabric cards a couple of weeks ago with the intent of sending them to family and friends before Valentine’s Day. I loved the idea of them so much I plan on making a few sets as “Thank You” cards and note cards to send out throughout the year.

fabric cards

fabic cards 2

With the scraps of fabric that were leftover from the envelope I cut out cute little hearts and glued them onto note cards.

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I first saw the idea of fabric envelopes in the Jan/Feb issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine and fell in love instantly. Initially the envelope was not lined with a paper envelope, just fabric. I found lining the fabric envelope with a paper envelope made it sturdier, which I ended up really liking.

fabic cards 4

We recently finished with a our newborn/family photo shoot and thought attaching a sweet photo of Henry to the back of the V-day card would be a perfect addition.

fabic cards 5

This one went to my sister. <3


What you will need to get started:


Blank envelopes and note cards

Crafting glue in a matte finish (Modge Podge is great)

Paint brush or foam brush

Ink stamps, stickers, markers – whatever you want to use to decorate your cards with.

Wax paper

Clothes hanger

Clothes line clips

Lay a large piece of wax paper out onto a working surface. Open up an paper envelope completely to use as a template. Use that to roughly measure how much fabric you will need. Place fabric onto wax paper and brush on a layer of glue. Clip glued fabric onto hanger, making sure it’s as flat as possible, no kinks. Allow fabric to dry for one hour. Once dry, lay fabric down on your working surface and trace envelope template with a pencil. Cut template out (doing this afterwards helps keep the fabric from not fraying). Use the paper template to guide with the folds of the envelope. Once folds are done, place a new envelope into the fabric envelope and glue edges of envelope to the paper envelope to attach it.

With the glued fabric scraps, cut out fun shapes to decorate cards with, like a heart for Valentine’s Day.


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  • Fran
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    Wow, what a great idea! I love it!!

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