Fabric-lined Glass Bowls & Plates

fabric lined bowls 6

My friend Monica came up with this DIY. It’s pretty awesome and I’m hooked on it. I made a few Easter-themed bowls and a plate and now I can think of 1,001 other ideas and themes for these bowls. I found each glass bowl and plate for under $2 and I have a bin full of fabric so this is the kind of  project that’s easy on the wallet.

Something like this would make a great housewarming gift, tailored to the persons favorite colors and style.  Or!… I just thought of this – it could also make for a great “adult-style” Easter basket  (since it’s made out of glass). Just some ideas for ya!

fabric lined bowls and plates

fabric lined bowls 1

fabric lined bowls 3

Find your favorite fabric (patterns are best) and glue it to the bottom of a clear glass bowl or plate. It’s great to use for snacks at parties or to hold jewelry, if you’re using a smaller dish.

fabric lined bowls 4

fabric lined easter bowls


Fabric-lined Bowl & Plate Directions



You'll need a clear glass bowl or plate (make sure they are as smooth as possible, no bumps)

Your favorite fabric, preferably patterned,slightly bigger than the bowl or plate you'll be using.

Craft glue, like Modge Podge

A paint brush

Line your working table with newspaper or broken-down paper bags. Using your paint brush, paint on an even coat of glue onto the glass bowl or plate. Stick fabric on (pattern facing up, or facing down - you choose) pressing and smoothing out any air bubbles or lumps. You can pull the fabric so that it's taut. For round or square bowls, fold fabric nicely around each corner and seal it with extra glue.

Paint on a layer of glue on the backside of the fabric once it is glued onto the glass. Let dry before you cut the fabric around the edges. It's easiest to balance your bowl or plate glued- side up on a cup (this helps so it doesn't stick to the newspaper).

Once dry, carefully trim the edges with scissors or use an exacto knife.

Bowls are best for dry snacks or decorations. Do not put in the dishwasher and best if cleaned out with a damp cloth.






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    Very nice, I like them a lot!

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