Felt Bows

felt bows 1

Last year it was pom pom bows. This year it’s all about felted bows. I’m obsessed with them and that might be an understatement. They come together rather quickly for the perfect topper for presents.

felt bows 3 felt bows 2

felt bows 4

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

8″x 11″ Sheets of colored felt (the heavier the felt, the sturdier the bow)

Fabric scissors

Hot glue gun


felt bows 5

Cut a 3 inch strip lengthwise down the longest end of felt sheet. Cut a small circle for the base about the size of a quarter, maybe slightly larger. Set aside.

felt bows 6

Fold in half and cut 1/2 inch strips or thinner, leaving a 1/2 inch of uncut felt at the end.

felt bows 7 felt bows 8


felt bows 9

With your cut strip of felt, start from one end and neatly roll felt to the other end.

felt bows9


Hot glue the end tales to the roll.

felt bows 10

Then hot glue the bottom of the rolled felt and place firmly onto the cut-out circle base.

felt bows 11

Press down and fluff a little for bow to open up.


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