Halloween Burlap Table Runner

DIY halloween burlap runner

I’m in full Halloween mode here at my house and I don’t mess around. It took everything in me not to deck out our entire house with pumpkins and Halloween decorations once September first rolled around (not joking). I did however wait until the season officially changed to deck out the house and get cracking on new DIY projects for the holidays.

Burlap is everywhere in home decor, so much that now you can buy it by the yard with PRINTS on them. Festive cute Halloween prints, like this creepy crawly spider number. Even with my arachnophobia, I like the subtle spooky cuteness that it brings to the table. :)


DIY halloween burlap runner2

I bought two yards of spider print burlap at $5.99 a yard on sale at Joann’s. This amount ended up making two table runners measuring roughly at 72 x 23 inches. I gave the other one to my sister, who is just as excited about holiday decorating as I am.

DIY halloween burlap runner 1

Supplies for Halloween Burlap Table Runner:

Makes two table runners. Total cost $13.08 after tax.

Two yards of spider print burlap

Fabric scissors

Cut burlap in half lengthwise. Stitching isn’t necessary, but if the fraying bothers you, a light stitch with a sewing machine along the edges will do the trick.

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