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mummy pillows

One of my good friends who recently moved away came back to town for a quick visit and we did what we normally do when we’re together –  we crafted and shopped for things we don’t need (I’m good at that). We spotted a version of this adorable mummy pillow at Pottery Barn while perusing and took one look at each other and instantly knew we had to make a copy-cat version.

These cute little mummies were so much fun to make! You can give them different personalities using beads for the eyes, or embroidering a googly pair on.


mummy pillows 1

You’ll need about a half a yard of white muslin fabric. Tear white fabric into 1 1/2 – 2 inch strips.

mummy pillows 2

mummy pillow 3

For a medium size pillow, measure and cut a 15 x 15 inch piece (12 x 12 inch for a small pillow) from the fabric you choose to be the base pillow cover (I chose a nice heavy linen fabric). Lay one of the square pieces of fabric flat on top of a working surface and start laying down strips of torn fabric, creating a zig-zag, mummy-like wrapping. Leave an opening about a third down from the top for the eyes.

mummy pillow 5

Position black button eyes where you want them to go, adjusting white fabric strips to make it fit better around the pillow-mummy face. Pin down fabric strips to hold in place so you can sew on the eyes, or sew on the eyes after you are done with the pillow.


If you embroider the eyes on, use a pencil to lightly mark where you want to position the eyes on the fabric square. Cut out two small circles of white felt for the eyeballs (about the size of a dollar coin) and stitch black dots for the eyes using black embroidery thread. Once eyes are sewn on, place onto the spot where you want to have them and hand stitch eyeballs on using black embroidery thread. Once eyes are sewn on, place strips of torn fabric “mummy wrapping” across fabric square, leaving only a section for the eyes to be visible.

Cover with second fabric square and pin sides down, using more pins on the two sides where the stripped fabric ends are – you don’t want those puppies to move out of place.

mummy pillow 4

You can trim to make sure the lines are straight and even, if they look a little wonky before going through the sewing machine.

mummy pillow 6

Sew a seam about a 1/2 inch from the edges, keeping it as straight as possible. Double back a couple of times on the corners with the sewing machine to help reinforce. Don’t forget to  leave about a 4 inch opening at the bottom for turning the pillow inside-out and for stuffing.

Once the sewing is done, turn pillow inside-out, pulling it through the small 0pening. Some of the strips might be turned around, adjust as needed.

Stuff with pillow filling through small opening until it is nice and tightly packed in.

Hand stitch opening shut with needle and matching pillow thread.

Some of the strips of fabric might seem loose, especially closer to the top and bottom of the pillow. If this happens, put a couple of stitches of thread in to help hold it down.

mummy pillow 7


Done! How cute, right!?

Supplies: Total cost, $22. You can scale down supplies to make less (amount makes about 3 medium size pillows).

1 yard of heavier fabric like a heavy weight linen.

1/2 yard of white muslin

Matching thread for pillow

Bag of pillow stuffing

Sewing machine (or if you’re feeling it, hand sew the whole shebang!)


Embroidered Googly Eyes:

Black embroidery thread

White felt

Embroidery needle


Beady Eyes:

Two black beads for bead-eyes

Needle and thread to stitch them on

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