Pastel Vases, Upcycled


pastel vases3

We had our pre-Easter egg hunt brunch this past Sunday with friends and family. Each year, as all the kids get another year older, the hunt becomes a little bit more exciting. Last year Oliver was more interested in collecting rocks in his Easter basket than eggs. This year, he successfully found 4 Easter eggs before he lost interest and went back to rock hunting. I don’t think he fully understood that those hidden eggs had CANDY in them.

I’m sure this won’t be an issue next year.

If you know me, you know that I love to have flowers around the house, all week long. It makes me happy and instantly brightens up a room. I wanted to play up the theme of Easter with pastel colors and thought they would make a sweet touch to our brunch setting. I cleaned and removed the stickers on old glass jars of spaghetti sauce, salsa, jam and a bottle of kombucha. I painted on 2-3 coats of acrylic paint in soft pink, light yellow and mint green. Once they were all painted and clustered together, they made a very festive display that I just adored.

pastel vases5

pastel vases3

Paint them a solid color, or do a little color blocking like I did here with mint green and gold. Use painter’s tape to make a clean line for each paint color.


pastel vases

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