Personalized Wooden Spoons

personalized wooden spoons

If you’re looking for a fun and personalized gift idea, I’ve got one for you. I loved the idea of making personalized wooden spoons for my girlfriends and pairing it with homemade spoon & board butter.

personalized wooden spoons2

The personalized possibilities are endless with it comes to this crafts. I made a festive Christmas spoon for myself. I deserve a gift too sometimes. ;)

personalized wooden spoons 1

You can get as creative as you want with endless color combinations.

personalized wooden spoons4

personalized wooden spoons5

Tape off borders where you want paint/glitter to start and end – then paint your color of choice. Allow it to dry before adding another layer of paint. Depending on how opaque the paint is, apply as many coats as necessary.

Allow paint/glitter to completely dry before taping off for second color.

personalized wooden spoons3


Once done, brush on a coat of sealer. Allow to dry and brush on a second coat.  If using glitter, you might want to do two to three coats.

*Wooden utensils really shouldn’t be run in a dishwasher, just a little reminder that these spoons are HAND WASH ONLY.

What you’ll need to get started:

Wooden spoons

acrylic paint

paint brush or foam brush

fine glitter, if using

painter’s tape

Decoupage glue that’s water resistant with a glossy finish¬† (this is used as a sealer)


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