Hostess Gift – Pumpkin Flower Arrangement


If you’re heading off to spend Thanksgiving at a friends’ or family member’s house, it’s always a good idea to bring a hostess gift. It could be as simple as a bottle of wine, or something you’ve made, like this DIY flower arrangement. You can make this in a hollowed out pumpkin or squash, or put it in this adorable pumpkin casserole dish that can be used well after the flowers have died. That’s my kind of flower bouquet.



I go to Trader Joe’s anytime I need beautiful flowers for a reasonable price. They always have a good selection of $3.99 assortment of bouquets to choose from. I picked out some large blooms, medium sized blooms, droopy blooms and some smaller blooms, all while staying consistent with a warm color palette.


For the base of the flower arrangement you’ll need a real or fake pumpkin. I found this pumpkin casserole dish at Cost Plus for $12.99 (It’s now on sale for under $10). The dish can be used well after the flowers have died and for such a great price how could you not want to get it?

Next you will need floral wet foam, and scissors for trimming the flowers.


Cut floral foam with a sharp knife to fit the vessel you are putting your flower arrangement in. Place foam in a large bowl and fill with about a gallon of water, giving the foam a few minutes to completely absorb the liquid.

Once foam is saturated with water, place it in the pumpkin.


Remove leaves off of flower stems by running your fingers downward, away from the bloom – leaves should pop right off. For thicker stems I like to cut in a diagonal, creating a pointed end to help pierce the foam easier. Start with large blooms first, placing them evenly around the pumpkin. If the blooms sit too tall, trim them until they are at the height you prefer (cut one inch at a time). Then start spacing out the medium sized flowers, floppy flowers and any gaps you come across fill with smaller flowers, in singles or in bundles. Try to keep a consistent shape for your arrangement, but mostly, just have fun with it.


Space out the medium sized flowers, the floppy flowers and any gaps you come across fill with smaller flowers, in singles or in bundles.



Fill gaps with smaller blooms.


Tada! Now you have a GORgeous flower arrangement for a hostess or yourself for under $30. Yippee!


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