Homemade Spoon & Board Butter

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I had never heard the term “Spoon butter” or “Board butter” until a couple of months ago. I had always treated my wood cutting boards and spoons with an oil, but didn’t make the connection until recently. Spoon & board butter, also known as “Spoon oil”  is a great alternative to treating your wood utensils and cutting boards. It keeps them looking gorgeous and couldn’t be easier to make. I used natural beeswax and coconut oil but you can replace the coconut oil with jojoba oil, walnut oil or mineral oil. I filled and labeled small jars and gave them as gifts along with my personalized wooden spoons.  It’s a fun and totally unexpected, yet useful gift to give to the kitchen lover in your life.

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Spoon Butter


1 part bees wax to 3 parts coconut oil (or oil of choice)

Place mason jars inside a large pot over the stove. Fill with water until it reaches halfway up the jars. Turn stove to a medium-low heat. Add beeswax and coconut oil to each jar (1 part beeswax, 3 parts coconut oil) and allow to melt. Once melted, give oil a good stir to help emulsify it and carefully remove each jar from water bath to allow to cool. Seal with a lid.

To use, scrape a small amount of spoon butter and rub it into wooden spoons and cutting boards and allow oil to absorb overnight. Any residual oil can be wiped off the next day. I personally like to oil my wood every couple of weeks, or when they start to look dry.


Recipe adapted from Food in Jars

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