Eliza’s Favorite Cookbooks

I love collecting cookbooks. Funky cookbooks. Traditional cookbooks. Vintage cookbooks. I keep them on a shelf in my kitchen for inspiration. Here’s a list of some of my absolute favorites. These cookbooks have inspired me to get in the kitchen and cook my heart out.

Good to the Grain, Joy the Baker, Gourmande Tartine, Homemade Life, Homemade Pantry

Super Natural Cooking
Heidi puts together one of my favorite food websites with such class. Her recipes are amazing AND good for you! I’m also in love with her photography.
Super Natural Every Day
Another one of Heidi’s treasures.
Organic and Chic
I’m a visual person and I fell in love with this cover right away. The recipes are stellar too.
The Cheese Board Collective Works
This cookbook is great. I lived down the street from one of the bakeries that partnered with this book. Mark and I frequented it for their scones, focaccia bread and shortbread cookies. I love that I can actually make my favorites at home.
How it All Vegan
This was my first vegan cookbook when I was in college. It changed my life and created a love for drinking wine while making vegan cookies. This book, along with Garden of Vegan, and La Dolce Vegan (below), are some of my all-time favorite vegan cookbooks.
The Garden of Vegan
I made some of my first vegan cookies out of this book. This book has great home remedies, too. I just love everything about it.
La Dolce Vegan
This is the third version of this book collection. Love everything about it. The author really knows how to make vegan cooking fun.
The Urban Vegan
This is a modern, funky vegan cookbook that I’ve been enjoying lately.
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