Metallic Thanksgiving Cornucopia

This horn of plenty will look stunning on your Thanksgiving dinner table.

I wanted to change the look of this traditional piece by adding a little metallic flare. I bought a rattan cornucopia, some pine cones, a can of silver spray paint, and set out to jazz up this centerpiece.

Once the paint dried, I lined it with a pretty dish towel, then filled it with sprigs of fresh eucalyptus, winter fruits and root vegetables. I used hues of deep red and purple, like turnips, radishes, red onions, red and purple potatoes, red pears, pomegranates and eggplants. The deep hues complimented the silver cornucopia nicely.

If you decide to paint your cornucopia gold, or bronze, then complement it with warmer hues. Mini-pumpkins, squashes, Fuji apples, Bosc pears, yellow onions and any other warm colored fruits or vegetables you find would look great.

I spray-painted my cornucopia and pine cones outside on top of some newspaper and let it air-dry.

You can buy pine cones cheap, or if you’re lucky, you can pick up fallen ones on a neighborhood stroll.

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