Animal Nose Lollipops


My cousin turned 8 recently and I made these to give out to friends at her birthday party.

Okay, me saying recently is actually, not so recent. This party was in October and it was still warm enough to have a pool party. With a 6 month old in the house, my sense of time is a little out of whack:)

But I can honestly say these pops were a hit with all the kids.

I’d imagine these would be perfect for an animal themed birthday.


Making these animal pops were incredibly easy. I poured melted chocolate into animal molds and stuck a lollipop stick in the middle while the chocolate was still melted. Once the chocolate hardened, the lollipops easily popped out of the mold. I then wrapped each one individually in plastic wrap and a twist tie.

You can find different molds and melting chocolates at Joann’s or Michael’s. I also used colored melting chocolates instead of dying them which made the prep time super fast and easy.


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