Super Bowl Party Recipe List

I’m sure I’ve told you in the past, but my husband is from San Francisco. This makes him an obligatory fan of the 49ers. And because of that, we’re obligated to throw a Super Bowl party since the Niner’s will be in it. This is where this list comes in. It’s my inspiration list of what I might make for our little party. I’m calling it my Super Bowl-Day-Yummy-Party-Food list. At the moment it seems a little heavy on finger-foods, but I’ll be adding more as I go.

Hope this gives you a little inspiration to run with if you’re hosting one, as well.



I just might be making Heather’s Pizza Dip

These Potato Skins will be in order.

My quinoa patties always win over skeptics.

Tomato-Basil Bruschetta is always welcomed in my home.

Um, these wings look mighty tasty. Just might have to make them.

These little Squash & Goat Cheese Empanadas look delightful, and dare I say, healthy. I believe in having options of both, bad and good.

Homemade Soft Seasoned Pretzels, anyone? Yes Please!

Or mini pretzel dogs? I’ll take an order of those, too. Thanks.

Now on to dessert, my favorite part. These Cookie Dough Cupcakes are what I’m talking about.

And then there is my go-to chocolate cake recipe. This one never disappoints. Ever.



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