Autumn Felted Garland

I fell into roving, or for some, felting, a few years ago when I was at a quilt/craft show. I was instantly fascinated by it. I started off with a few colors and made little things, like hearts and butterflies. Then I kind of forgot about it for a couple of years, until recently. I bought  more colors and at one point wanted to make a woodland-themed mobile for Oliver, with deer, raccoon and little toadstools. That never actually came to fruition. With roving,  the one thing you need, is time. And if you want to make cute little furry animals, you’ll need even more time. But making balls?  No big deal. Balls happen fast. And it can’t get easier than this.

I thought this felted ball garland would be cute as an Autumn decoration. I’m absolutely in love with it at the moment.

I’ve already decided that a Christmas version will be in the works.

To start you need a foam block, a roving needle and a handful of roving wool, in fun Fall colors.

Pull apart a piece of wool and roll it into a ball.

It should be about the size of a large gum ball (the kind you get out of a dispenser for .25 cents).

Place your rolled ball onto the foam block and start stabbing it with the roving needle. As you poke, the needle pulls the wool fibers tightly together, bringing more of a tight shape to your ball. Rotate as you stab. Ball should be semi-firm once you’re done.

String up a needle and embroidery thread.

And pierce your balls! :)

I spaced my felted balls about two inches apart.

Make as many balls as you want for whatever length of a garland you need.

Just be careful to not poke yourself with the roving needle. It’s razor sharp and I’ve had my fair share of painful pokes.

What you’ll need:

A foam block

Roving needle

Roving wool, in a variety of Autumn colors

Embroidery needle

Embroidery thread, I chose a mustard yellow color


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  • Posted October 16, 2012 at 8:49 AM | Permalink

    I need to try felting sometime! I love all you can do with it, but just haven’t taken the time to try. LOVE the garland!

  • Posted October 17, 2012 at 1:19 PM | Permalink

    YES, you do!!! It’s a lot of fun, Heather.

  • Posted October 18, 2012 at 7:56 AM | Permalink

    So cute! I love the idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • Posted October 20, 2012 at 9:22 AM | Permalink

    And it’s seriously super easy to make!

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