Eco-Friendly Bohemian-Style Wedding – Trinidad, California

I had the amazing opportunity to help out with a friend’s wedding that took place in the magical Redwoods of Trinidad, California. It was a cool, misty, 70 degrees during the day and a crisp 50 degrees at night. We flew into San Francisco, picked up some friends and road-tripped 6 hours up to the Redwoods where signs for “Big Foot” and trees-so-big-you could-drive-a-car-through-them were abundant. It was an adventure filled weekend full of love and blueberry gin.

Bohemian-style was the perfect theme for the bride and groom. They love nature and love camping and being Eco-friendly is ingrained in them. The main color of the wedding was purple, with accent colors of gold, coral and sea foam green.

To make this wedding budget-friendly we bought bundles of flowers at the San Francisco Flower Market a couple days prior to the wedding. I drove them up in buckets full of water and trimmed and assembled the bouquets, boutonnières and flower arrangements the night before. It was a great DIY shortcut to hiring a florist company that saved quite a bit of money.

Yards and yards of purple paisley fabric were used as the tablecloths for 40 foot long wooden picnic tables. One of the bridesmaids made burlap table runners.

The same bridesmaid was also commissioned by the bride to make a flowing fabric streamer that was used as the backdrop for the ceremony. The bride fell in love with the idea on Pinterest. It was one of my favorite pieces in the wedding. It was gorgeous and perfect.


To represent the silliness of the bride and groom, various figurines were purchased at thrift stores and spray painted with gold and coral paint. Each were placed next to centerpieces on the tables. All the vases and candle holders were found at thrift stores, as well, which helped out tremendously on the couple’s budget. And at the end of the wedding everything was up for grabs for guests to take. Whatever was leftover was donated. I don’t think there was a lot left over though.

The cake was ordered from North Coast Co-Op bakery in a round 8″ and 10″ size. At the wedding site I cut wooden dowels and placed them in the middle of the larger cake and then stacked the smaller cake on top. Flowers from the wedding were used as the cake decoration. It came out gorgeous.

Paper flags were handed out to guests before the ceremony to cheer on the bride and groom.

The bride’s mother made gallons of blueberry gin for the wedding. It was used in their signature wedding drink and sipped out of paper straws in personalized mason jar mugs. It was enjoyed, thoroughly.

To go with the Eco-friendly mindset of the bride and groom, all silverware and plates were made of wood that was beautiful, as well as biodegradable. I just loved the earthiness of it all – it complemented the woodsy setting perfectly. The napkins were neat too, they came on a roll and could be washed and reused up to six times before tossing. I loved them so much I kept a set:)

After the reception, a campfire was lit, marshmallows were toasted and speeches were given. It was a great wedding.


*I have more wedding pictures that are in the process of editing. Come back as I will be adding more to this post.





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    Where was the venue for this wedding?


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