DIY Wine Glass Charms


I used to make these as gifts when I was barely of drinking age. A decade later, and I’ve revived the wine glass charm making, adding a little¬†pizzazz.¬† Before, I used tiny seed beads as decoration and it was simple and sweet and by all means, a great idea still. But now I’ve fallen in love with these little charms and gems. I used charms that you would normally put on charm bracelets but now look adorable and fitting as a wine glass charms. I think it gives it a sophisticated yet playful look.

It’s a wonderful gift for wine lovers. I happened to give a set to a girlfriend for Christmas, personalizing it with things that she and her husband love, like dogs, planes and the color pink.


What you’ll need:


Earring hoops


Jewelry pliers

Using a pair of jewelry pliers to open your jumper. Thread charm onto jumper and close with pliers. Place it onto the earring hoop.


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    Thanks so much, these are so cute.

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