6 DIY Baby Costume Ideas – Updated!



Need some DIY costume ideas for your little one? Here’s a list of some of my favorites.

This superhero costume was for Oliver’s first Halloween last year. It was so cute and believe it or not – easy to make! No-stitch Superhero Costume.

I love the simplicity of this pig in a blanket costume.

I love this idea of making a cute Lego costume. I have a box, cups and yellow spray paint. I can make it happen.


Or this totally cute lion. Found this Lion Hat on Esty. A beige or yellow shirt/onsie and pants would match the lion hat.
Then draw on some whiskers and make a tail out of braided yarn. Total lion costume.

I love this cute garden gnome costume.


If you get to know me well enough, you would find out that I love Frida Kahlo. My sister is even more passionate about her art than I am. She would die if she saw this little number.



**I’ll be adding more to this list as I stumble across more great finds… :)



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