12 Favorite Apple Recipes



Apple Cinnamon Rolls -One of the most popular recipes on my site. Think apple fritter meets cinnamon roll.


Pumpkin Spice Apple Bread-Two of my favorite Fall ingredients all in one.


Roasted Cinnamon Apple Salad-This is a festive way to eat your salad.

apple cinnamon challah rolls

Apple-Cinnamon & Honey Challah Rolls-Toasted and smeared with a little butter. Mmm mm good.


Apple Spiced Pulled Pork-“Pork chops and apple sauce” my cousin would constantly say in a goofy voice when we were younger. He was on to something…


Apple Blush Pie– The blush part comes from a hint of cranberries that stains the filling a blush pink. So incredibly good – It’s a must have at every Thanksgiving.


apple cake

Apple Cake-This is the cake I always request for my birthday. It’s moist and with a browned-butter frosting that I die for.


Spiced Apple Tart– Apples, sugar, cinnamon, and puff pastry. Nuff said.


Apple Crisp – This will always and forever remind me of my sweet grandma. It was her favorite thing to make, and our favorite thing to eat growing up. It comes together easily. caramel-apples-2

Caramel Apples-A must for Fall. And with nuts, chocolate, whatever your hearts desire.

Apple Granita – This is such a refreshing treat.


Broccoli Crunch Salad – I love this salad and couldn’t resist not adding it to this list of apple recipes. I have friends who take this salad to potlucks because a.) it’s fabulous!  and b.) it keeps its crunch (doesn’t get soggy) even after it has been tossed with dressing.

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