Black & Blue Bramble

black and blue bramble2

I’ve been getting all up in berry seasons’ business lately. I can’t get enough of them. I’ll be posting a strawberry banana bread on Mash Your Heart Out this week that is OMG good. But back to this berry bramble. It’s hands down my favorite drink of Summer 2014. Last Summer, the “it” drink in our house was Mark’s Paloma, that I like to describe as an effervescent grapefruit margarita. But this year, nothing beats THIS drink.

black and blue bramble3

The trick to make this drink taste extra dynamite is using better quality gin and creme de mure, a.k.a, blackberry liqueur. It makes it smooth and not too cloyingly sweet.

black and blue bramble

black and blue bramble 4

I think it might be happy hour everyday in our house this summer.

Black & Blue Bramble


1/2 an ounce good quality Creme de mure

1/2 an ounce good quality gin

A squeeze of lemon wedge (1/4 lemon)

3-4 fresh blackberries

4-6 fresh blueberries

6 ounces of club soda

3-4 cubes of ice

*Sprig of thyme or mint for topping

In a small bowl, mash 3/4 of blackberries and blueberries with a fork. Set aside.

In a glass, fill with ice, creme de mure, gin club soda, squeeze of a lemon wedge and mashed berries. Give it a stir and top with a couple whole berries and sprig of thyme.

Makes one drink.

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