Cranberry Gin Fizzy

cranberry gin fizzy


We’ve been happily testing out holiday cocktails for upcoming parties here at Eliza Domestica headquarters. It’s usually a thing we do on Friday’s, once the week is over, the boys are in bed, and we have the weekend to look forward to. The cocktail making experiments don’t always turn out winners, but when they do, they’re great. So great you want to scream it from roof tops.

This Cranberry Gin Fizzy is a stunner. Sparkling cranberry juice and lemon soda water chilled over ice, mixed with gin, and topped with the prettiest of pretty candied cranberries.


This drink is made with gin, only because I prefer gin over vodka. But if you’re a vodka person, cranberry and vodka have always been a nice pairing. Go ahead and change things up.

Cranberry Gin Fizzy


1 ounce of gin

3 ounces of sparkling cranberry juice

3 ounces of lemon sparkling water

Candied cranberries for garnish

Stir and serve chilled or over ice

Fill glass up with ice, a shot of gin and 1 part sparkling cranberry juice and lemon soda water. Give it a light stir. Optional - garnish with candied cranberries pieced with a toothpick. Even fresh cranberries are pretty floating in this drink.



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