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Don’t ask me why it has taken over a year to get this drink on here. When new friends come over, we convince them that they have to, have to try this drink before they leave. Because of our pushy ways, we’ve converted hoards of friends onto Palomas. It has finessed and established itself in our household as our go-to weekend (*cough*…weekday) drink. Let’s just say this modest drink is ridiculously good.

Like good you can’t stop drinking good.

So good it’s refreshing good.

It’s life changing, all with its mere less than a handful of ingredients.

Consider yourself forewarned.

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I liken it to a margarita, but with more spritz and pizazz, and not as sweet. Mark came up with this after trying a drink out of a can, called a Paloma, from a Hispanic grocery store in town. He reverse-engineered it to perfection.

paloma 2



Grapefruit soda (we like Squirt, but Fanta Toronja works too)

100% Silver Agave Tequila



Fill a glass with ice. Add a shot of tequila, a fresh squeeze of 1/2 a lime, a couple of dashes of salt and then top it off with grapefruit soda. Mix with a spoon and enjoy.

Refills are welcomed.


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    The paloma is refreshing recipe and a simple one. Thanks. Fantastic one. Clickrecipe

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