Fruit Juice Gelatin

Holy smokes, can you believe it’s Fall?! Me neither.

I wish I could tell you this was a serious comfort food recipe for Fall, but it’s not. You see, here in AZ we’re still experiencing 100 degree weather – so I’m getting my fruit juice jello on!  Next week I’ll bring you Fall. I’ll bring you some balsamic roasted vegetables that will knock your socks off.

But for now, we’re talking jello!

Some people might call this a “Fruit salad” but really, it’s just jello with berries in it. And it’s delicious! I love the all natural approach this jello has going on. My grandma used to make a variation of this for us when we were little, using Minute Made fruit punch. She was, and still is, a stickler for not using artificial coloring and flavoring in her foods. I love her for that, but also used to roll my eyes over it when I was little. I’ve grown up.

I used a white grape juice in this recipe but think next time I might use cranberry, for a tart zip.


You can pour the jello into an 8 x 8 baking pan to cut into bite size squares once it sets. Makes it more fun to eat. :)

Or pour into pretty jars and enjoy it picnic-style outside.

Fruit Juice Jello with Berries Recipe – A little note, I didn’t add extra sugar to this recipe, but I think it might taste better to some if it had a little extra sweetness. It’s totally up to you though and I gave options for both. 

2 cups fruit juice (apple, white grape juice, cranberry – or your favorite juice)

1 envelope of unflavored gelatin

1 cup of fresh fruit, like mixed berries

*Optional – 2 tablespoons sugar, or honey

Bring one cup of juice to a boil. Turn stove off and stir in gelatin packet and sugar, if using it. Stir until dissolved. Pour remainder one cup of juice in and stir in fruit. Pour Jello mixture into an 8 x 8 baking pan or into two to four small containers, like jars.

Place Jello into the refrigerator and let set for 3 hours.


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    What a clever idea, looks yummy!

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    Thank you!

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