Mini Gingersnap Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches

Gingersnap pumpkin ice cream sandwiches


The past few months I’ve been making a concerted effort to use up stuff in our kitchen before buying more. Not only have we saved money, but it’s also been fun making us think outside the box for using up leftovers and making new dishes with them (Insert these yummy ice cream cookie sandwiches). It all started when I made homemade pumpkin butter with some leftover pumpkin puree I had from these Pumpkin Empanadas. Then I swirled some of that pumpkin butter into softened vanilla cream for thisĀ  semi-homemade pumpkin ice cream. It seriously tasted like the best pumpkin ice cream ever, by the way. I had a small portion of ice cream and some gingersnap cookies in the cupboard so I decided to combine the two to make these little bite sized treats that have been all the rage in my house for the past week.

I stored a freezer bag full of these puppies as bargaining chips for our picky-eating toddler. If he eats his dinner, green stuff and all, he can have a small treat. At first it was one M&M, color of his choice. Then it became two M&M’s. Now, one of these mini ice cream sandwiches gets him going. I think he’s workin’ us a little, but at this point we are desperate to break his picky-eating habit that we’ll do whatever it takes. I honestly just wish we thought of bargaining with treats a year ago. It would have saved us some major frustration and headaches!


Gingersnap pumpkin ice cream sandwiches 2 Gingersnap pumpkin ice cream sandwiches 1 Gingersnap pumpkin ice cream sandwiches 3

Mini Gingersnap Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches


Pumpkin cream, homemade or store bought

Mini gingersnap cookies

Allow the pumpkin ice cream to soften to the point where the consistency is like soft serve. Spoon about a tablespoon and a half of ice cream onto the inside of one gingersnap cookie and top it with another cookie, making it a sandwich. Place cookie sandwiches on a freezer safe plate and freeze. Once frozen you can put ice cream sandwiches in a freezer safe container or bag for storage.



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