Citrus Sangria

I’ve made this sangria a few times in the past month. Each time being a little bit different than the last, but having one thing in common, citrus citrus citrus!

Citrus absolutely screams Springtime to me, and it screams Summertime, too, but I can wait for that to come. I used a moscato and vino verde wine in this sangria. Another time I replaced the vino verde with a pinot grigio and it came out delicious as well. Some generous squeezes of three types of oranges (blood orange, cara cara and navel), lemon and lime made it oh so good. So did the added fizz that came from Orangina. I love that stuff.


It made for a completely refreshing Spring drink, best enjoyed with friends of course.

The first two times I made this sangria I left out the extra liquor. Then I decided to booze it up a bit over the weekend when we had some friends come in from Texas, adding a healthy glugĀ  of Triple Sec and rum. It was deceptively delicious.


Citrus Sangria – To make a lighter version of this drink, skip the Triple Sec and Rum. You can use whatever citrus you like or have on hand – this sangria is extremely adaptable.

1 cup freshly squeezed citrus juice (juice from about 2 large oranges, 2 limes, 1 lemon)

2 cups of Orangina Sparkling Citrus beverage, chilled

1 bottle of moscato wine, chilled

1 bottle of vino verde or pinot grigio white wine, chilled

1/4 cup Triple Sec (optional)

1/4 cup Light Rum (optional)

1 large apple, cored

1 large orange

1 lime

1 lemon

Pour all ingredients into a large pitcher. Thinly slice apple, orange, lemon and lime and add them to the sangria. chill for one hour and serve over ice.


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