Green Smoothie (that doesn’t taste “Green”)

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I don’t own a juicer, so with that said, here’s my contribution to eating cleaner in 2014, with a nice green smoothie. I’ve always preferred smoothies over juice, anyway. This smoothie is packed with fresh spinach, bananas and a sprinkling of fresh cranberries to round it out. I used coconut milk in here, but also love almond milk or regular milk in this smoothie. You can sweeten this lightly with honey or if your fruit is sweet enough, nothing needs to be added. It’s completely up to you and your taste buds.

I like to change this smoothie up and add peanut butter or almond butter for protein and take out the cranberries. A strawberry or blueberry addition to the bananas is always a winner too. Play around with your favorite smoothie combination and just add a nice handful of fresh spinach. I promise, if you drink it with your eyes closed, you would never even know something green was in there. It’s like magic.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year. Cheers!

green smoothie 2

Green Smoothie (that doesn’t taste “Green”)


1 cup of milk, coconut, almond, soy or regular milk

1 large handful of spinach (about 3/4 cup loosely packed)

1/2 frozen or fresh banana

1 small handful of fresh cranberries (about 1/4 cup)

*Optional - couple cubes of ice, if not using a frozen banana

*Optional - 1 teaspoon of honey for added sweetness

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

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