Fresh Green Tea to Help Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is here, and that means it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I decided to post a breast cancer awareness tip. It has been known that green tea holds properties, called polyphenols, that can ward off cancer by blocking free radicals in the body. I like to mix up my morning routine sometimes, and drink green tea in place of my morning coffee.

Drinking tea instead of coffee once in a while is a nice change, and green tea has enough caffeine to keep you alert. I like using Tazo’s China Green Tips for my green tea of choice. I usually enjoy it with a splash of soy milk and sometimes add a little fresh mint to my hot cup. You can add a slice of orange or lemon and the result is a soothing cup of tea.


Fresh cup of green tea

To learn more about breast cancer awareness, I recommend This site has plenty of resources for prevention techniques, signs of breast cancer, and what you can do to help out the cause. Last year my husband and I participated in the Komen Race For the Cure, which is a 5K race to promote breast cancer awareness. It was amazing to see so many people running for the same cause, and to actually see breast cancer survivors was incredibly touching and motivating. We plan on running again this year.

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