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Lactation Granola Bars from Oat Mama Oat Mama offers delicious lactation granola bars


Hey guys. I’m back to share a long overdue announcement. It’s where I’ve been devoting all of my time and energy – Oat Mama.

I’m going to back up a little bit….all the way to the second week of January. We spent a weekend at my Aunt and Uncle’s cabin up in Northern Arizona and invited my friend Kristy, her husband, Alan, and their two boys, (that also happen to be the same ages as our boys…if you’re a parent, you know how awesome this is). It was a fun little getaway with the hopes of playing in the snow, board games and some relaxing time by the fire place (with wine in hand). On our last night, after the boys went down and we had time to unwind from the snow-sledding filled day, we poured ourselves a generous cup of wine (hiccup..) and talked about life and parenthood, the good the bad and the ugly. It’s nice to have someone to share similar experiences and laugh about spit up and you know, poop stories, ha!

We are both SAHM’s and both shared that we were starting to feel the itch of having an outlet doing something we love. I had my two blogs, so I have always loved that as my primary outlet, but I’ve always been on the lookout for something more, something I can grow and get better with. We both came to the same solution – we should start a business together!! We bounced ideas off each other throughout the night and then had an “Ah-ha” moment when we realized we both have a love for baking (it’s one of the many reasons we bonded as friends). We were constantly swapping things we made. I’d drop off fresh cinnamon rolls to her house that I was testing for the blog, she’d hand me a container of mini ginger chocolate cookies. Next time it’d be banana nut granola and totally delicious granola bars. Creating things in the kitchen was our happy place. We were both still breastfeeding our babies and then got to talking about lactation cookies and why aren’t there more options for mamas to buy a wholesome snack to help support breastmilk? That’s when Oat Mama started to evolve. We wanted to make wholesome lactation granola bars that were effective AND delicious. We would sell them at Farmer’s Markets in town. It would be a weekend thing and our outlet. Since then, we have grown into a full-blown online shop and have so many exciting things in store for our humble little company.

Eliza Domestica is not going away – you will still be able to find your favorite recipes, like the best sugar cookies ever, my favorite quinoa-roni dish and apple cinnamon rolls, and of course crafts and DIY posts.

I will be creating blog posts on our Oat Mama blog, so come find me there for a weekly blog post. There will be fun activities to do with babies and toddlers, mama life hacks, and yummy comforting recipes that the whole family can eat. Follow Oat Mama’s Facebook page for updates on what’s new with us (I know this is only exciting for breastfeeding moms, but we have a regular granola bar planned in our future for everyone to enjoy…I’ll keep you posted).

Thank you for your support and for sticking around with me here on Eliza Domestica!! I love you guys.







Oat Mama Book fest 2015 twitter profile

My EXTREMELY talented friend, Beth Adriaanse, owner of Designery Co. designed was our brand and product, among many, many marketing materials. She is amazing in so many ways. She made our brand image into reality and I couldn’t be more happy with it. Check her out if you need branding work done or a blog face-lift. Boom.



Our beautiful postcards we made for our first Oat Mama appearance at the Tucson Festival of Books. Photo by me, but the mastermind behind the design layout was the talented DesigneryCo.



Oat Mama bars ready to be shipped off to a happy mommy customer.



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