Pan-Seared Shrimp Recipe

Pan-fried shrimp wiht monchego cheese corn quesodillas

Pan-fried shrimp quesadillas with manchego cheese

My dad’s entire side of the family lives in Mexico, scattered just about everywhere from tropical Veracruz to west coast Ensenada. My Aunt Lydia lives in Puerto Peñasco, commonly known as Rocky Point, and upon arriving after a long drive from Arizona, she cooked this light and refreshing meal for my sister, dad, and I. I watched her as she prepared the shrimp and was amazed at how easy it was – fresh shrimp lightly pan-seared in melted butter. She served the shrimp enveloped in a cheesy corn tortilla with a wedge of  lime, and a fresh spring salad. I recently found myself dreaming about this meal, maybe because it is incredibly refreshing, summer-like even, and with Tucson’s hot weather lately, topping out at 107° F this last week to be exact, I was ready for something to kick my shoes off to.

Instead of a flour tortilla quesadilla, I used fresh, small corn tortillas that I picked up from the farmer’s market, and filled them with a generous amount of manchego cheese. This meal was light, fresh, and just like I remembered it.

Pan-fried lightly buttered shrimp

Pan-fried lightly buttered shrimp

This meal is best enjoyed on a summer’s day, with an icy margarita or mojito nearby.

This meal isn't fully complete without monchego cheese filled corn tortillas.

This meal isn't fully complete without manchego cheese filled corn tortillas and fresh spring mix salad.


2 cups of fresh shrimp, de-veined and shelled

2 tablespoon of butter

*Optional – 1 lime, cut into slices


Heat up a large, heavy bottomed skillet and add butter to melt. Add shrimp and sauté until shrimp turns pink, tossing shrimp mid-way through cooking. Shrimp will be done once pink and lightly seared to a golden brown on each side. An optional way to serve it is with a squeeze of lime.

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