Peach & Mascarpone Bruschetta

peach and mascarpone bruschetta I was in Seattle this past weekend for IFBC. It involved a lot of food and a lot of good people. I came home with so many new recipes brewing in my head – this being one of them. I know it’s the tail-end of peach season, so I knew I’d better get this in before they were gone for another year. This concoction was inspired by Sweet Iron Waffles. I had their Peach and Mascarpone waffle and it changed my life forever. Sorry for being a little dramatic about it, but it was that good. Out of all the amazing food I tried in Seattle, it was this waffle combo that kept popping back into my head. Their waffles are insane, made from brioche dough and punctuated with sugar crystals so when it cooked, the sugar caramelized (omg, I know). As much as I wanted to break out my waffle maker, I took the easy route and slathered this mix on a freshly toasted baguette that was lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and raw sugar, to mimic that caramelized waffle affect. It was a success in my book and I think I’ll go back to the store and buy the remaining peaches so I can get my fill. I do however think this would also be mighty tasty with sliced pears. And I’ll happily experiment on that and report my findings ;). peach and mascarpone bruschetta 3 peach and mascarpone bruschetta 2   peach and mascarpone bruschetta 4 peach and mascarpone bruschetta5

Peach & Mascarpone Bruschetta



1 peach

Mascarpone cheese

Raw sugar


Ground cinnamon

*optional - honey

Slice baguette into 1 inch rounds. Lightly spread butter on toast with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon and raw sugar. Toast.

Smear a thick layer of Mascarpone cheese onto each piece of toast and layer with thinly sliced peaches. Optional - drizzle honey on top.


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